Source code such as android bluetooth handle, imitating QQ viewing, imitating class network, database QR code framework

Source code such as android bluetooth handle, imitating QQ viewing, imitating class network, database QR code framework

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TabLayout source code that can customize the picture indicator and support custom Tab width

Android Bluetooth control handle operation source code

Android imitation QQ house app project source code

Android High German map ripple diffusion effect source code

Android imitates the ImoocPro app

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Android runaway tv project collection of videos, pictures and articles entertainment app

XOrmlite is a convenient and practical OrmLite database framework that supports one-click integration

The most beautiful application of EchelonLayoutManager high imitation

XQRCode A very convenient and practical QR code scanning, analysis, and generation library

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Android-drawing mechanism summary

Here you will learn about the following:-Android screen related knowledge-Android drawing skills-Android image processing skills-SurfaceView use A screen usually has the following parameters refer to the length of the screen diagonal, usually expressed in inches, for example 4... Read the original text

Android API guide for application widgets

Application widgets are mini-application views that can be embedded in other applications (such as the home screen) and receive regular updates. These views are called widgets in the user interface, and you can publish the views using the application widget provider. The application component that can accommodate other application widgets is called the application widget host. The following screenshot shows the music application widget... read original

Android message mechanism do you really know Handler?

Introduction Android's message mechanism mainly refers to the operating mechanism of Handler. Handler is already familiar to everyone, but do you really master Handler? This article mainly develops an in-depth and expanded understanding of Handler through several questions. QuestionsLooper's infinite loop will not cause the application to freeze, and will it consume a lot of resources? What is the message loop mechanism of the main thread (how to deal with the infinite loop... Read the original text

Unlock the new posture of Android design layout

After updating the basic interface of ConstraintLayout to Android Studio 2.2, the layout designer has been updated. At the same time, ConstraintLayout is introduced. This layout aims to reduce the layout level. The main interface is as follows... Read the original text

Advanced Android Development: Custom View 1-1 Drawing Basics

The way to customize drawing is to rewrite the drawing method, the most commonly used is onDraw() The key to drawing is Canvas's drawing class method using Canvas: drawXXX() (Key parameter: Paint) Canvas's auxiliary class method: range cutting And geometric transformations can use different drawing methods to control the covering relationship... Read the original text