Summary of iOS network deep optimization

Summary of iOS network deep optimization

Recently I have done some research on network optimization, and some of them have not been put into practice, so I will do a sorting out and study it slowly


New features of HTTP2.0

  • Binary framing
  • Header compression
  • Multiplexing
  • Server push
  • Request priority

On the HTTP/2 new features
HTTP2.0 principles detailed analysis of
what is HTTP2.0 protocol: HTTP2.0 protocol detailed the
HTTP 2.0 protocol detailed
HTTP/2 header compression techniques introduce
HTTP/2 notes of the frame
HTTP 1.1 study notes

The point of deep network optimization

  • NSCache cache, Last-Modified, ETag
  • Resend after failure, cache request is sent online
  • DNS resolution
  • Data compression: protobuf, WebP
  • Weak network: set different timeout time under 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi
  • TCP header blocking: GOOGLE proposed the QUIC protocol, which is equivalent to defining a set of reliable transmission protocols on top of the UDP protocol

NSCache caching, Last-Modified, ETag
iOS web caching literacy articles-80% of the caching requirements can be completed with two lines of code

Optimized iOS network module for retransmission on failure, cache request sent via
internet (retransmission on failure, cache request sent via internet)

DNS resolution
HTTPDNS practice in iOS
APP network optimization (DNS optimization, HTTP optimization)
iOS network request optimization DNS mapping
may be the most complete iOS HttpDns integration solution
NSURLProtocol with hosts (including examples)
Swift-Intercept Alamofire's network Request (cache request results, read data from the cache)
mobile resolution HTTPDNS in App development practice summary
AFNetworking original author can not solve the problem: how to use ip to directly access https website?

Weak Network Optimization,
Mass Road, Weak Network Optimization (1)
Mass Road, Weak Network Optimization (2)
Mass Road, Weak Network Optimization (3)
Mass Road, Weak Network Optimization (4) )
The Weak Network Optimization of the
Mass Way of the article series (5) The Weak Network optimization of the Mass Way of the article series (6) The Weak Network Optimization of the
Mass Way of the article series (7)
Must-read for mobile IM developers (1): Easy to understand Understand and understand the "weak" and "slow" mobile networks
must-read for mobile IM developers (2): The most comprehensive mobile weak network optimization method in history summarizes
mobile network connection processing strategies under weak networks
iOS development-real-time monitoring of network speed

In-depth optimization overview
Ctrip App's network performance optimization practice
Mobile APP network optimization overview In-
depth optimization iOS network module iOS network request optimization
"Ctrip mobile APP architecture optimization tour"-Chen Haoran
mobile terminal network common problems and optimization countermeasures Meituan Dianping
mobile network optimization practice
Wireless performance optimization: domain name convergence, iOS network optimization,
Ctrip's mobile terminal architecture evolution and optimization road
App's network test performance optimization program
URLSession how to dynamically control the number of concurrent?
Transmission speed optimization solution
58 The evolution of the intra-city iOS client network framework.
The technical realization of IM instant messaging technology in multiple application scenarios, and performance tuning (iOS perspective)
. Cancellation request for network request optimization.
Talk about iOS network layer design Baidu App Network deep optimization series "1" DNS optimization
Baidu App network deep optimization series "2" connection optimization how the new Uber driver overcomes the network delay problem network optimization