Small program layout assistant (Chrome plug-in)

Small program layout assistant (Chrome plug-in)

Mini programs can be added in the process of editing articles on the WeChat official account background. I counted at least 6 steps before adding them. Sometimes I don't know the access path of the mini programs and how to operate.

The applet typesetting assistant helps you to add applets to the official account articles more conveniently, with the help of the Chrome plug-in to provide one-click easy addition and typesetting of applet links. You only need to fill in the link on the browser in the article, and the assistant will automatically convert it into a link that the applet can recognize, such as:

Download the Chrome plug-in: download the link , unzip the zip archive, drag the crx suffix file into the Chrome browser, refer to the offline installation method: Graphical details of the offline installation method of the Chrome plug-in-the latest ultimate guide of 2019 , after the installation is complete, the upper right corner of the browser will The following Logo appears.

After the installation is complete, enter the WeChat official account article editing page, the operation effect is as follows:

List of supported applets

Support for other small programs is under development. If you want to access your small program, please scan the QR code below to contact the author.


If you have any questions, please submit Issue and PR, details:

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