OceanBase leads the trend of distributed databases, and invites you to gather together!

OceanBase leads the trend of distributed databases, and invites you to gather together!

Gdevops 2020 Global Agile Operation and Maintenance Summit will be held on December 11, 2020 at the Nikko New Century Hotel in Beijing. The theme of this summit covers many technical directions such as agile operation and maintenance, database, cloud and architecture. A benchmark event in the field of agile operation and maintenance for maintenance engineers and technical decision makers.

The core R&D team of OceanBase is honored to be invited to participate in this 2020 Gdevops Summit. OceanBase CTO Yang Zhenkun and OceanBase senior technical expert Pan Yi will discuss the native distributed database and share the growth path of OceanBase.

Time: December 11, 2020

Venue: Hotel Nikko New Century Beijing

Session: Main venue/database session

Speech topic: "Native distributed is the only way to database"

You will gain:

-What data management challenges will traditional relational databases face when their expansion capabilities are insufficient?

-How does the native distributed relational database achieve the complete preservation of the relational model and transaction ACID?

-How can the native distributed relational database achieve online horizontal scaling on demand at any time, and overcome the limitation of the distributed sub-table of the stand-alone database?

Yang Zhenkun

Senior Researcher of Ant Group

Founder of OceanBase Database

CTO of Beijing Aoxing Beisi Technology Co., Ltd.

-Currently, he is a senior researcher of Ant Group and CTO of Beijing Aoxingbeisi Technology Co., Ltd. In recent years, the main research fields have been distributed systems and distributed databases. In 2010, the research and development of OceanBase distributed relational database was initiated in Alibaba.

-Obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in mathematics and a doctorate in computer science from Peking University and stayed at the school. In 1993, he was promoted to associate professor, and he was promoted to professor in 1997. In 1999 he became the first group of Changjiang professors at Peking University

Speech topic: "OceanBase Distributed Relational Database Explores the Road to HTAP"

You will gain:

-OceanBase's 10-year technological evolution and upgrade process

-OceanBase's latest iterative results and optimized applications in the OLAP field

-OceanBase's practice and experience in mixed load

Pan Yi (Boze)

Ant Group

Senior Technical Expert of OceanBase

-Currently a senior technical expert of OceanBase of Ant Group, responsible for OceanBase's parallel query and new generation OLAP engine

-Worked for Oracle Corporation in the United States, responsible for the research and development of Oracle database parallel query, and has many patent applications