Play Android applet project development notes one preparation before development

Play Android applet project development notes one preparation before development

If a worker wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools

As a qualified mover, in order to be able to catch fish in 996 and increase my hourly salary, I used the following things

development tools

An indispensable tool for the development of small programs WeChat small program development tools, but using this tool to develop is really uncomfortable, often ventilated, and unintelligent

So still use vscode known as the front-end artifact or use webstorm

Vscode applet configuration tutorial

But I personally prefer to use webstorm, it s really fragrant

Efficiency software and website

  1. Image Compression

For the development of small programs, the 2M code package limit makes us have to consider the size of local pictures, and this website is our gospel, the compression rate is high, and the quality of the output is guaranteed.


  1. icon

I usually set up a street stall or something, and I can t do the PS job, then this website is really a Taobao in the icon industry.


  1. Mobile phone projection software

This software is really not too easy to use. . . Other screencasting software is aside

The free, open source, ad-free experience is really good, and one of the most important features for me is that the window can be placed on top


  1. Computer screenshots + stickers

Zhenxiang's computer-side screenshot software is one of the indispensable software for front-end development. The reason is that, of course, the screenshot can be pulled on top of the window. .

You can actually turn the copied text into a picture


  1. HTTP client simulation test tool

I recommend the paw interface style is very good, the experience is also very good, but only supports the mac system and the charge is a pity


Hope the above is useful to you, see you next time.