Girls majoring in computer can't learn programming well! So, do you know Yao Ting, who has an annual salary of 1.56 million?

Girls majoring in computer can't learn programming well! So, do you know Yao Ting, who has an annual salary of 1.56 million?

Do you know Yao Ting who was selected as Huawei's "Genius Boy"?

I recently learned of a problem, which is common in the minds of girls studying computer science. Because they don t know where to hear, " Computer majors are not easy for girls to find jobs . Those recruiters prefer to ask for boys. Girls will be discriminated against. Also, they can t program when they are older, so girls are not suitable for programming. Girls are not suitable for learning computers". So, do you know Yao Ting, who was selected as Huawei's "Genius Boy"?


With just such a sentence, I have realized how big its impact is, so big that it can affect a person's lifelong development. Because I feel it in my body. I remember when I was in junior high school, my studies in the first and second grades were very practical and there were no distractions in my mind, but I don t know when, I often listen to who said and what, don t look at the girls who are doing well now, but the girls academic performance will get worse and worse. . I can t deny that this statement stays in my mind. Whenever my grades degrade, I wonder if this time is "at that time". My studies are not so solid, and I have not been so confident, and my grades are naturally. Regressing.

Only I know what is at fault. Maybe you will say that you are too credulous in others, too incapable of independent thinking, or too poor in endurance, isn't it just a sentence. Yes, I admit what you said, but what I want to say is that if you believe in some wrong statements in the process of learning, and these wrong statements make you have a wrong understanding of your learning, and you His efforts have formed a negative attitude. I think this sentence is really not just a sentence.


For example, if a girl majoring in computer science really thinks that girls are not suitable for learning computers, and girls are not suitable for programming, will she still be willing to learn? How can you improve your abilities without learning? How can there be self-confidence without the ability, and how can you find a satisfactory job without the ability and self-confidence? If you can't find a job, you will be at a loss. A chain reaction will result. A series of problems may come out. Speaking of this, you might say that girls majoring in computer are really miserable, and girls really don't want to study computer majors. What I want to say is that the problem is not that girls majoring in computer science have formed a wrong understanding of computer majors, computer majors learning programming, and computer majors' future jobs. It was these misunderstandings that prevented them from learning computers well, which eventually caused a series of problems.

Maybe you will say, who are you, why do you say that their understanding is wrong? Also, you said that their understanding is wrong, so what should be the correct one?


I think that my IQ is moderately low, and my ability is so average. I have more than two years of programming experience and the level of programming is also very average. I don't want to show off here. It s just that, as a girl who is engaged in programming, I see the negative attitudes of many girls who study programming like myself because of the mistakes they have made, and the results that everyone does not want to see. I just want to talk about my knowledge and understanding of these problems. .

First of all, for the issue of learning, I think we should not think too much about what will happen in the future, but from the perspective of our learning in school. I think whether you are a girl or a boy, since you have chosen this major, whether you have talent or not, regardless of whether your interest is big or not, you should learn this major well. As far as the parents are concerned, they have worked so hard to provide us with school, and of course they also hope that we can learn our profession well in school. Therefore, we should not have considered the future of this profession, whether it is suitable or not, and would like to pursue it. If it is not suitable, can you still study your favorite major? Or drop out of school to do what you want? If all these are not what you want, why not settle down and learn your major well, otherwise, the university's most beautiful and most suitable environment and age for learning, you will be wasted?


If you say that you are a person with long-term plans and are used to thinking about your future, then I would like to say that you have no actual feelings and experience, but only if you don t understand anything, you think that the experienced person is more powerful. You have formed your understanding, thoughts, and plans without a word of irresponsibility after careful consideration. Do you think this is so reliable? Before absorbing the words of others, it is best to experience it yourself, at least use your own logical thinking to analyze and think independently. What's more, if you have no experience, no matter how strong your analytical ability is, the true probability will not be high.

What I want to say is, don t trust someone else s irresponsible word, or even if it is responsible, it doesn t mean that it s the same for you. You need to experience, experience, feel, and judge by yourself. After you have actually experienced it, you will find that the truth is not what they said, nor is it what you thought before the experience.

"Girls are not suitable for technology and programming", I think this sentence is too one-sided. Is it true that we study computer science and learn programming can only engage in technology, only to engage in technology?

What I want to say is that when you learn to program and have basic programming skills, you naturally have a strong program logic thinking ability. No matter if you do not engage in technology or engage in programming work, you have this kind of logic. Thinking ability, no matter what industry, work or life, once you encounter a problem that can be solved with a program, you will naturally think of using computer programming to solve it, which not only reduces the workload, but also improves efficiency.

This advantage will make you feel from time to time. For example, one of my classmates did not study accounting at university, but after graduation, he worked in accounting, and seemed to take care of the management of treasury. The most things we said to me when we met were very busy, very tired, and had to work overtime. Later I learned that the reason why she is so busy and so tired is because what she does is a problem that is very repetitive and can be solved by programming with a computer, which not only reduces time, but also guarantees quality. But she has never learned programming, does not possess the logical way of thinking of programming, without this consciousness, naturally would not have thought that her leader did not have this kind of consciousness. As for you, if you have learned programming and have this kind of procedural logic thinking, the problem will be solved immediately and the overall work efficiency will be improved.

Also, when you have the programming ability, even if you are not engaged in programming, you can solve a problem that can be solved with a few dozen or hundreds of simple lines in your work or life. Otherwise, do you have to spend money to hire a programmer to help you realize your computer major?


Learn to program. When you program to solve problems, you will not only improve your programming ability, but also improve your ability to solve problems. In the future, regardless of whether you are engaged in programming or not, your ability to solve problems will be applicable in any industry.

Programming is a basic ability. Only with this ability can you be able to choose a job related to the computer field with ease. You can choose a programmer who specializes in programming, or you can engage in other tasks that assist programming. It is optional, otherwise, do you have a choice?

As for programming and age issues. I think that programming is just the foundation you must have, and it is the prerequisite for doing things about solving problems with programs. When you have this foundation, the problem you are thinking about in the future is no longer in programming, but in the problem you want to solve with the program, your difficulties, your thinking is only in the specific problem to be solved. It can be said that this has nothing to do with programming. It is no longer programming for the sake of programming. Programming is just an act of solving problems. So, if this is the case, then when you are older and you are not engaged in programming, it is no longer a matter of the nature of programming. Since programming is no longer a matter of the nature of work, is it necessary for boys or girls to discuss programming because of their age?


Therefore, there is no question whether girls should learn programming, but whether programming is useful; there is no whether girls are suitable for programming jobs, but whether girls are interested in programming jobs; there is no whether girls are old enough to be able to do programming. The problem of not being able to program is whether the girl should solve the problem that is solved by the program.

In an easy-to-understand term, I can infer that girls majoring in computer science should not learn computer science well, or should they learn programming well.

Are computers common? universal. Is the computer useful? Since it is common, it must be useful. Is it useful to learn computers? Since computers are useful, learning computers must be useful. How do you think you have learned computer well? A computer executes programs, so knowing how to program is the basic condition for learning computers well. Yao Ting is also a girl, and she can do it. Wouldn't it be possible to have a second and third place with the first Yao Ting?

Therefore, there is no girl who is not suitable for learning programming. Yao Ting is a successful example. I hope you can become the next successful one too!

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