Good programmers Python tutorials share how to quickly master the commonly used Python frameworks in enterprises

Good programmers Python tutorials share how to quickly master the commonly used Python frameworks in enterprises

Good programmers' Python tutorials share how to quickly master the Python framework commonly used by enterprises. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, not only has it been widely used in various fields, but it has also triggered changes and innovations in teaching content, and artificial intelligence training courses have become popular. The popularity of artificial intelligence is due to the continuous emergence of successful open source and deep learning frameworks.

Why learn Python?

As a scripting language, Python has the advantages of being easy to learn and easy to maintain. It has a rich and powerful library and is affectionately called the glue language because it can connect various modules made in other languages together and be regarded as It is the best programming language for artificial intelligence.

After more than ten or two decades of development, Python now supports a wide range of fields, from the development of aerospace systems to small games. You can see Python in the development of small games. It can be said that Python is suitable for all walks of life in the future. Computer language, learning Python will give you the opportunity to be competent in various jobs in the field of artificial intelligence.

What are the commonly used Python open source frameworks?


Django is an open source web application framework. Django written in Python should be one of the most famous Python frameworks. Django feels noble and noble. What's outstanding is its fully automated management background: you only need to use ORM to do simple object definitions, and you can automatically generate a database structure and a full-featured management background.

2. Flask

Flask is a lightweight web application framework based on Werkzeug WSGI toolbox and Jinja2 template engine. Flask is also called "microframework" because it uses a simple core and uses extensions to add other functions. Flask does not have the default database and form verification tools, but it can be expanded. You can use Flask-extension to add some functions that are not previously available.

3. Tornado

The full name of Tornado is Torado Web Server. It can be used as a Web server, but it is also a Python Web development framework. Tornado is obviously different from the current mainstream web server frameworks and most Python frameworks: it is a non-blocking server, and it is quite fast, and it is also one of the more commonly used Python open source frameworks.