Why is it recommended that you use Linux for development?

Why is it recommended that you use Linux for development?

Can Linux be used?

The impression of some friends around me on Linux seems to remain in the dark command line interface. When I tell him or suggest him to use linux, I will be surprised and ask me how to use it (for development or daily use)?

Linux has a graphical interface



File manager

Set up

This is the "domestic" operating system deepin that I have used for the past two years. I don't know whether the interface is beautiful or not. It can be used for sure.

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Support daily development

First of all, Vim/Emacs said they can be done, but I think I am not familiar with them. ..

Java: Eclipse, IDEA, NetBeans, Android Studio...

Python: PyCharm, WingIDE...

C++: KDevelop, Code Blocks...

Php: PhpStorm ...

Front end: Sublime, VS Code, WebStorm...


names not listed in order

No problem with social communication

There is even ICQ...

Due to time constraints, the deepin store screenshots are used here. Other linux distributions may not be so rich, but installing qq and WeChat should be no problem

Can Linux replace Windows?

First list the software I use daily:

Development: IDEA

Database: DBeaver, Navicat, PL/SQL

Communication: TIM, WeChat

Browser: Google, Firefox, 360

Office: WPS, Microsoft office web version

Music: NetEase Cloud Music

Input method: Sogou input method

Player: Deepin's own player, VLC

Editor: Sublime Text

Remote control: TeamViewer, Sunflower, VNC, Remmina

Download: Thunder Speed Edition, Aria2

Netdisk: Nut Cloud, Baidu Netdisk

MarkDown editor: Typora, Zettlr

Terminal: Deepin comes with (very easy to use)

Mind map: XMind ZEN

ftp: FileZilla

PDF: Fuxi Reader

Virtual machine: VirtualBox, vmware

Games: Steam, Minecraft (Minecraft)

Android APP: xDroid

These are only my personal daily use, and there are still many excellent softwares that are not listed.

As for whether it can replace Windows, this question varies from person to person. For me, in the two years of use experience, I have not encountered the problem that cannot be solved under Linux for the time being, and I have to return to Windows.

Also, it's really impossible, isn't there a virtual machine?

Other references:

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A great summary of commonly used awesome Linux software, must be hidden when entering the line of operation and maintenance!

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Run Android apps under Linux

xDroid enables Android applications to run on Linux, which greatly expands the Linux ecosystem.

Yes, you read it right. It is not based on a virtual machine or simulator. The speed is considerable and the resources are small.

This seems to be currently impossible for Windows.

Run screenshot

Screenshot of App Market

Are there any advantages to Linux?

The cost of migrating from one system to another is huge. Is there any charm in Linux that is worth it? If you don t understand, you can pay attention to the official account Java technology stack, search for a complete set of commands commonly used in Linux.

Linux is elegant

When I install a software in Windows, you first need to open the browser, search software you want, carefully avoiding advertising, when you find one that looks right site, still have to carefully find the class instead of The huge download button, and the final installation with little wings, you must not miss some tick. Once you accidentally miss it, you will find that the computer seems to be a bit stuck. After a while, its friends will appear in On your desktop.

And in linux, apt installor yum installsuch commands, able to get the entire installation.

Linux does not need to choose whether to put the software on the c drive or the d drive. It has already defined which files should be placed where,

No need for anti-virus software,

There is no need to clean up the garbage,

There is no need to release memory,

There is no need to activate the system, it is open source and free,

No disk optimization is required,

There are no annoying pop-ups,

There is also no mandatory update.

Linux is efficient

This is what linux attracts me most

Command Line

The command line is not a backward way of manipulating computers. On the contrary, it has been very efficient and expressive. Commonly used Linux commands that Java programmers must master , this article recommends a look.

When you want to copy, cut or delete a file, I believe that there is no single command to open the file manager to jump between different windows.

When you want to view the running status of the system, I believe that moving the mouse, right-clicking, and selecting Task Manager is not a quick command.

When you want to write a simple script or file, I believe that there is no single command to open the editor, create a new file, write, and select the file location to save.


The mouse is a good tool, but it has its limitations, after all, it only has three buttons. The expressive power of using parameters in the command line is endless.

Reduce the use of the mouse

Through the command line, the browser s Vimium plug-in (similar to Vim s way to operate the browser interface), Albert (by specifying the button to call up an input box, you can open the app, file, url, direct search, calculator...), System shortcuts plus IDEA (its design idea is keyboard first) I can rarely use the mouse.

Of course, it is not that the mouse is hot. When your hands are hitting the keyboard quickly, using the keyboard directly is faster than moving your right hand to the mouse and then back, and this uninterrupted experience is very comfortable.

As for why this is the advantage of Linux, in my past years of Windows experience, I have not found an entry point for customizing system shortcut keys, let alone customizing macros. Of course, Windows also has a command line, but I think its richness of commands and the coordination between various commands is not as good as Linux (some people call it an accessory).

Reduce duplication of work

I have a folder dedicated to storing all kinds of scripts I wrote. Most of the time, your problem can be solved by the software on the market, but when there are some small, unique, repetitive tasks. The script can help you solve these well.

For example, I have a script to monitor the production environment (in fact, it should be the project itself), an OA guardian script (in fact, it is to monitor whether I write a daily report, and if not, send a text message to remind me), and even a timer Send WeChat script...

These scripts can solve the repetitive work in the information world to a certain extent, allowing me to focus more on creative work.

Start speed

On my computer, both the boot speed from the system and the boot speed of the software (IDEA, Chrome) are slightly better than Windows.

Using experience gained, there is no accurate test data. But IDEA has been tested, and it is more than a second faster

Memory footprint