What are the channels for finding Internet celebrities to bring goods? Learn the skills of cooperation and win-win in 3 minutes

What are the channels for finding Internet celebrities to bring goods? Learn the skills of cooperation and win-win in 3 minutes

     E-commerce live broadcast is entering our lives at a lightning speed, and businesses are also aiming at business opportunities and quickly joining the ranks. Merchants ship goods and celebrities bring goods. This win-win model is becoming a trend. Don t worry that the goods will not be bought. You can t see, look down, don t understand, and can t keep up. This is the innovation that Jack Ma personally said. Sixteen-character proverb. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, the advent of the e-commerce era has also spawned many Internet celebrities. The live broadcast of Internet celebrities represented by Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya has become popular. The new model of "live broadcast + e-commerce" is the activation of traffic. Here comes a new direction. There are also many merchants looking for channels for Internet celebrities to find mcn companies alone, but the cost of this method is too high and not all merchants can afford it.

     At this moment when the traffic dividend is gradually dissipating, it is what every business wants to continue to maintain a vigorous traffic conversion and transaction.

thing. The "live broadcast + e-commerce" model is constantly evolving, and a variety of live streaming delivery modes have emerged. When we choose an online celebrity to bring delivery, we first check his average broadcast volume within 30 days. Hidden data.

And the most effective channel is to look at the Douyin marketing data of Didihongren. The Didihongren platform has in-depth cooperation with the supply chain companies of all major merchants across the network. 3W+ Douyin masters have entered the platform, and the Didihongren serves as the platform. In China, a shared internet celebrity delivery platform of "platform issuing + celebrity ordering" was created, and the official website + mini program combined with offline celebrity sharing shooting base, sharing live room, and sharing internet celebrity delivery mode to form a didi The virtuous circle of the celebrity platform is constant. Under the healthy condition of the broadcast volume and exposure, likes and comments, then this is a suitable internet celebrity. Didi celebrities adopt the didi delivery model to seamlessly connect merchants and celebrities. In didi celebrities merchants only need to upload products to the platform, and the system will automatically match the products to celebrities to take orders. A professional team makes plans according to your product type.

     With the blessing of traffic and the influx of funds, while achieving unfamiliar Internet celebrities, e-commerce platforms are also exploring breakthroughs in new traffic. More and more people see that behind the boom of e-commerce internet celebrities live-streaming products is an industrial chain from individual internet celebrities to MCN agencies, to e-commerce platforms and even upstream factories. Some internet celebrities prefer posts and videos. The price is uniform. Some prefer a performance-based model to calculate prices. The price is usually very dependent on the frequency of interaction. Whichever one you choose, it must be based on data surveys and real fan reactions. Therefore, when choosing a celebrity to bring goods, the pure commission model is a guarantee for either party. In this way, both merchants and Internet celebrities can achieve a win-win situation, and they will not worry about not selling their products only by looking for channels for the Internet celebrities.