Java development tool IntelliJ IDEA and its necessary plug-ins

Java development tool IntelliJ IDEA and its necessary plug-ins

To be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools

IntelliJ IDEA

** A java development tool, currently the most widely used tool for java development by java programmers (the charging tool is Niubi). Some companies are still using Eclipse, MyEclipse, STS, etc. (the company's requirements are true and there is no way, the payroll is the uncle) **

Idea shortcut key introduction

  • If Eclipse switched over, and you don t want to learn new shortcut keys, you can set the idea shortcut key method to Eclipse.
  • The specific idea default shortcut keys will not be introduced, just post a link to see for yourself. idea shortcut
  • Just remember formatting, report, search, prompts, etc., which are commonly used. It would be better to think of searching for memory during other uses.

Plug-in introduction

  1. ** Translation: ** Five-star recommendation! ! I don t say much about the translation plug-in, just say it after you use it.
  2. ** MyBatisCodeHelperPro: ** Five-star recommendation! ! A plug-in for automatic code generation, mapper and interface jump, can be ignored if there are more powerful code generators, but the function of interface mapper jump is also very easy to use.(Toll plug-in)\color{#FF3030}{(Paid plug-in)}
  3. ** Mybatis Log Plugin: ** 4.stars, it is the sql that you usually see when printing logs. This plug-in can extract sql and let you focus on sql problems. Avoid other distractions.
  4. ** Code Case: ** 4.stars. Shift + Alt + U quickly switch between small hump, big hump, _,-etc.
  5. ** FindBugs-IDEA: ** 4.stars. Just like the name of the plug-in, you can scan your code to help you find some hidden bugs.
  6. ** JRebel and XRebel for IntlliJ: ** 4.stars. A hot deployment tool, a single project can be played with, and can be replaced by other hot deployments such as maven.(Toll plug-in)\color{#FF3030}{(Paid plug-in)}
  7. ** Alibaba Java Coding Guidelines: ** 4.stars. It is a test of Alibaba's specification manual. Real-time monitoring of your code can help you develop a good code habit, otherwise it will report yellow or red to you. But it's not a code error, it's just a non-compliant naming.
  8. ** Key Promoter X: ** Five-star recommendation! ! I almost ignored this treasure plug-in. If you click any function of the idea, it will prompt you with the corresponding shortcut keys, allowing you to quickly master the idea shortcut keys. Just use it.
  9. ** RESTfulToolkit: ** 4.stars. An httpclient. This is also very useful when there is no swagger, postman or other testing tools.
  10. ** Others: ** lombok, maven helper, JUnitGeneratcr V2.0, GenerateAllSetter, Idea Javadocs2, etc. Some of them have already integrated functions in the newer version of the idea, and they are not commonly used or known by the name, just I won't go into details.

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