Good programmers Java tutorials share essential skills for high-paying Java programmers

Good programmers Java tutorials share essential skills for high-paying Java programmers

Good programmers Java tutorial analyzes the necessary skills of Java programmers with high salaries. Java is a veteran programming language with a wide range of applications and a large demand for talents. However, with the updating and upgrading of Internet technology and the continuous improvement of enterprise demand, it is no longer easy to get a high salary. Many students are curious about the high-paying skills of Java programmers and how to learn these skills quickly? Next, I will give you a brief analysis based on the company's skill requirements for job applicants.

Macro aspect

1) Be proficient in multiple open source technologies and have studied the source code of struts spring;

2) With rich project experience, I have followed several large projects from start to finish, from demand investigation to online delivery and maintenance;

3) Have experience in the architecture and development of distributed systems, and have extensive experience in cross-system structural optimization and data storage performance indicators.

Micro aspects

1) Proficiency in object-oriented programming using Java language, good programming habits, familiar with commonly used Java APIs, including collection framework, multithreading (concurrent programming), I/O (NIO), Socket, JDBC, XML, reflection Wait;

2) Familiar with Java Web development based on JSP and Servlet, have an in-depth understanding of the working principle and life cycle of Servlet and JSP, and be proficient in writing scriptless dynamic pages using JSTL and EL;

3) Proficient use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web front-end development, familiar with jQuery and Bootstrap, and in-depth understanding of the application of Ajax technology in web projects;

4) Proficient use of ORM frameworks such as Hibernate and MyBatis, familiar with the core APIs of Hibernate and MyBatis, and in-depth understanding of Hibernate's association mapping, inheritance mapping, component mapping, caching mechanism, transaction management and performance tuning.

To quickly progress from a junior Java programmer to a highly paid Java elite, you need to put in time and effort, and you also need to pay attention to methods. Good programmers Java training courses add big data and large concurrency related training courses based on the back-end JavaEE, and extract the skills that enterprises must master, abandon unimportant skills, and ensure that employment requires mastering skills. The other is to save students' study time. This set of courses is still being upgraded to meet the higher and higher requirements in the market and cultivate high-quality engineers.

Java core programming

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