A complete tool for sending SMS verification codes through small programs

A complete tool for sending SMS verification codes through small programs

The first platform that provides small programs to send SMS SDKs, supports front-end sending of small programs, cloud functions, cloud functions with routing, and a 60-second countdown plug-in.

In the WeChat Mini Program (Verification Code) version, you don't need to generate, store, or verify verification codes at all. The SDK will do it for you.

WeChat applet cloud function version, this version is more secure and avoids the loss of the SMS sending account after others obtain the source code.

For details, see: smsow.zhenzikj.com/doc/sdk.htm...

Website: smsow.zhenzikj.com

  1. How to send SMS

}, number,' :{code}', messageId, seconds, length);

Just write the placeholder {code}, the sdk will automatically generate the verification code and replace it

seconds: the validity period of the verification code, in seconds, such as 5 minutes

length: length of the verification code, such as 4 or 6 digits

2. How to verify the verification code after the user fills it in

var result = zhenzisms.client.validateCode(number, code);

Parameter number: mobile phone number to send SMS

Parameter code: the verification code entered by the user

The return result is a string, ok: verification is successful, empty: verification code is not generated, number_error: mobile phone number is inconsistent, code_error: verification code is inconsistent, code_expired: verification code has expired