My memories of the past three years of Android development summary

My memories of the past three years of Android development summary

It has been three years since I entered the first company internship in October 2015 and engaged in Android development until now. During this period, I have done many projects, engaged in the research and development of many technical frameworks, wrote many technical blogs, conducted many technical sharing, engaged in the construction of the QQ technology group, and tried to promote the WeChat public account, etc. Wait, the pace has not stopped, let alone writing a summary of experience. Just a few days ago, a guy in the QQ group suddenly asked me that I have been engaged in Android development for a few years. I realized that I have been engaged in Android development for three years, so I should slow down a bit, summarize the past, and look forward to it. The future.

Professional background

For our programmers, three years are neither long nor short. After all, this is not a career that will allow you to do a lifetime. Many people say that our programmers are like geishas in ancient times. They eat youth meals. In fact, I think this analogy is very appropriate. Especially in China, on the surface, it seems that our programmers are holding high salaries and doing high-level technical research. It seems that the scenery is boundless and very tall. But the real situation is that the job is usually 995 or 996. At the lowest level of the company, there is no right to speak. You cannot have any ideas about the product. Faced with the unconditional demands of the product manager or Party A, you must unconditionally obey And under extremely harsh conditions to complete all functionally. Then I finally worked overtime to catch up, and I had to face the test endlessly to find fault...Many programmers laughed at themselves as senior construction site brick movers, in fact, this is true.

career choice

Until now, I still remember that the college entrance examination scores that year came down. When I filled out my volunteers, because the scores were not ideal, I could only choose an ordinary second university to go to. The first choice is the Nanjing Engineering School that my dad wants me to go to, and fills in a civil engineering so that I can take his class later, but in fact, I refused it in my heart; the second choice I thought about for a long time, finally decided to choose Nantong University , When filling in the major, of course, I filled in a bunch of majors that my parents thought were good for finding a job. Coincidentally, at the moment before I was ready to submit, I didn t know how it was, so I changed my last major. It's done . According to my thinking at the time, the Internet must have a bright future in the future. I am an enterprise network administrator [now commonly known as operation and maintenance], and it s not good to play games in the computer room every day, haha. Then a coincidence happened. The moment I received the admission notice, I was actually a little excited, because I was admitted to the network engineering major of Nantong University that I last changed to...

After I went to university, I found out that the content we learned seems to be a little bit different from what I thought... The teacher either only cares about himself on it, or he just immerses himself in reading the PPT and singing the lullaby. Anyway, the summary is: it s difficult to learn. Things are not practical, and practical things do not need to be learned...

Unwilling to study hard for 12 years, just to sleep in get out of class and start black after class, so I resolutely decided to choose a second degree to play (it seems that it is entirely to pass the time). Because I was interested in corporate finance at the time, my second degree was in corporate business administration (international management direction). During this period, I read a lot of related books, watched public classes, documentaries, and really hit China A shares. The market has gone through a wave of bull-bear market transitions. Since graduation, I think I will be able to find a fish in the financial investment banking market. Now it seems that I was still too young.

If a person meets a mentor in his life, that must be his greatest happiness in his life, and I met it in the last professional course (Android development basic course) of the junior year. This course changed my previous view of this major, and at the same time, it was the only course I really liked during my university period (want to wait for the kind of heaven). Since then, I have been fascinated by the art of Android. Compared to the black command box of C++ and Java's console, I prefer Android that can run directly on my phone.

In the summer vacation after my junior year, I played Android behind closed doors for two months at home, and I chose Android development for my internship.

Work history

Ignorance period

When I first started my internship, I was really like fighting monsters and leveling. I was interested in everything. I was willing to do whatever it was. I don t care about salary, employee benefits, team building activities and so on. I just want to do Android. Other things are not attractive to me. This state continues until I graduate from university. During this period, I wrote Android at work, and after work I also wrote Android. Even on the weekend, I still wrote Android. Basically, during that time, I basically didn't do anything other than writing Android... In this way, I got the strong praise from the leader and the contemptuous look of my colleagues. Haha, just kidding, it's right to think that I am a weird thing anyway.

Confusion period

First disappointment

I graduated, I became a regular employee, and at the same time I started my overtime journey (before graduation, I didn t need to work overtime, after all, I m an intern, a temporary worker, and I m doing irrelevant work). As soon as I became a regular employee, I was appointed to lead the people in the group to develop the company's core products. Here, I am very grateful to the leader for trusting my newcomer. After all, I am the youngest (94), and I have to lead a group of 93, 91, and 89 to work on projects together. To be honest, if I change my job, I will definitely not do this. It was actually quite difficult for me at that time. It was not realistic to let me lead a group of people with more work experience than mine to write projects together. First of all, you have no weight at all (if you have a low qualifications, who will listen to you if you have just graduated and become a full-time student); secondly, I have no experience in leading a team to do projects; and finally, the age is there, who wants to listen to you? The younger brother directs the project development in front of him.

The final result is obvious. It is not so much for me to be the person in charge of project development as it is for me to be the project backer. Fortunately, I worked overtime and backed up, and finally completed the task smoothly. At the end of the year, due to my excellent performance, I successfully became the deputy leader of the group during the adjustment of the organizational structure. When talking about salary increases, I also asked for a 4k salary increase without thinking. I don t think it is too much. After all, during my internship and conversion period, I worked hard for the company. This request shouldn't be too much. The leaders at that time also readily agreed. However, when I received the pay slip later, I found that my request was half discounted. This was my first disappointment.


Later, because my leader had to take paternity leave, I could only carry the burden of daily development and management in the group alone (to be honest, I was very angry at the leader's sudden leave without saying goodbye, and somehow asked me something before the leave. I left without saying anything, leaving me a bewildered). During that time, I worked overtime day and night (for one month in a row, and all overtime for two days on weekends). I was afraid that something would go wrong during the absence of the leader. I was ashamed of everyone's trust in me. In addition, the director dangled a carrot in front of me (a 4k salary increase) at the time, and I worked hard to do it. In the end, I successfully completed the task and made a smooth transition. From that time on, a thought began to sprout from my heart: I can be alone.

At that time, I had a very good relationship with the leader, and I also wanted to help him build the team well. My idea is to step up the construction of the technical framework internally and strive to improve the voice of the team members externally. To this end, I formulated development specifications, reconstructed the technical framework within the group, and shared technology from time to time, in order to better serve everyone, improve everyone's development efficiency, and help everyone progress. In the end, my efforts were affirmed by everyone, and they trusted me more and more. At that time, I thought that if I did so well, the leader should reward me, and promise to give me a 4k raise shouldn t be a problem. However, after I handed over the salary adjustment application to the leader, I waited for two months without any movement... Seeing that the salary adjustment window was over, I went to find him for the theory, but he forgot to get it. Did not mention it to the director. At that time, I was furious. I did so well and you treated me like this because you deliberately had trouble with me. This was the second time I was disappointed.

Third disappointment

Later, I was so angry that I went directly to the director to discuss salary adjustments. During the chat, I vaguely learned that someone in the company was wearing my shoes, and among them was my leader. After I learned that I was angry and angry again. Disappointed. Afterwards, the leader specially asked me to talk to me about this matter. During the period, they listed me with various unreasonable charges, which made me inexplicable. I thought to myself, I was kind to you at that time, and I did all the dirty work. I did not hesitate to offend the leader of another group for the benefit of the group, but you followed others to wear my shoes in front of the director. You are still here. Give me a crime, don't you want to face it? During that conversation, I couldn't control my emotions, so I froze with him on the spot. That conversation may be the last time we talked, because in the next year, we will not talk alone for more than 5 minutes, because I don t think there is much to talk about. In the end, I reached a deal with the director. I gave up my position in the group (that is, I gave up the high performance), and then I got a 4k salary increase. This is my third disappointment.

Building period

During this period of time, because I lost my position in the group, I was idle, allowing me to spend more time to observe and think (yes, this is a typical salary increase, but less life). During this period, I withdrew from the struggle for internal rights within the company, gradually shifted my focus from the company to the construction of individuals, focused on technology research behind closed doors, learned new technologies, and started experimenting with blogging and open source projects. It may be hard for you to imagine that I can continue to work with a leader who has already torn apart for a year. That is because I have been disappointed in this company. I continue to stay because the salary has just increased, and now it s too much to run away. Thanks... Besides, my current work intensity is not too great. I can devote more time to update my technology stack and improve my strength, so that I will not be underestimated by others in the future.

It is precisely because of my desireless state that I can observe things that I can't see in the past, and it also allows me to understand why my leader's attitude towards me has changed so much. Although the relationship between me and the leader has dropped to a freezing point, the relationship between me and other members of the group is getting better and better. When there are any technical problems, they will directly ask me, because I sincerely want to help everyone, everyone too Trust me the same. However, this kind of relationship caused discomfort to my leader. He began to continuously add tasks to the team members and asked for a study plan to be used as a bargaining chip for year-end salary adjustments. In the end, the team members were overwhelmed by their work and study tasks one by one, gave up the idea of a salary increase, and started to prepare to run away to find their next home.

Insight Period

After 2018, my colleagues who were driven insane began to run away and change jobs one after another. During this period, distrust and disappointment filled the whole group. Although everyone seemed to be very harmonious on the surface, it was actually very embarrassing. It may be that everyone has been taken lightly. The leader is shouting in the group, and none of us pays attention to him. During this period, I have been acting from the perspective of a bystander. In this way, the original group of 8 people, 5 people went away one after another. When I got back to my senses, I realized that everyone was gone. Only me and another girl... After comprehensive consideration, Decided to start an interview and tried to run and change jobs. Soon I found my next home. On the other day, I found the leader to talk and apply for resignation. As I expected, he did not keep me (I guess he wanted me to go for a long time), but I still spoke politely. Thank you very much, thank him very much for leading me into the door, and also very thankful to him for letting me understand the darkness of office politics, so that I can focus on technology research and do pure technology.

After that, I changed a company. It was probably the first time I had no experience in changing jobs. I jumped to a seriously aging company (state-owned enterprise restructuring). The extremely leisurely work status made me very uncomfortable. After working for a month, I realized it. The feeling of entering a nursing home... After a deep ideological struggle, I decided to leave the job a year ago and start to cultivate and live for a period of time, and then wait for an interview in the next year, and choose a company that can fight for it for a long time.

Even if I rest at home, I am not idle. I have been developing open source projects. From 2018 to 2019, I have open sourced more than 30 projects, and the total number of stars of the project has exceeded 2k, with a single library. The monthly download volume also exceeded 7k, and the QQ technology group also exceeded 200 people. All of this was completed in this short year.

Look to the future

Today, I have found a company that I am optimistic about. In the future, I will continue to engage in the technical research that I am good at, and bring you more convenient and convenient open source frameworks~~

WeChat public account

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