The programmer's cosmic timeline

The programmer's cosmic timeline

Spider's choice

On Saturday night, I parked my car on the side of the road outside the gate of my relative s house. When I was about to drive away three hours later, I suddenly discovered that there seemed to be a thin silver wire outside the front door, trembling slightly in the faint afterlight cast by the street light in the distance. I was able to see clearly with the bright light of the phone screen. It turned out that it was a spider weaving a web between the left rearview mirror and the front door.

A gust of evening breeze blew, engulfing the moisture of the nearby Wenyu River. The spider and its web are also teetering in this gust of wind. But I know that this is not the worst, because the car is about to start.

So I couldn't help feeling sorry for it in my heart. It should have chosen to build its network in a more appropriate place.

The career of life is like weaving a big net. The choice is the most important if you want to make the network of your business firm. First of all, you must base yourself on a piece of fertile fertile soil and cultivate for a few years before you can reap the fruits. Choosing a field that suits you and allows your talents to be used is a topic that everyone has to face.

Stacked timelines and the multiverse

One night in the summer of June, Xiaobai walked alone on the campus. The various farewell parties in the recent graduation season and the excitement brought by alcohol made him feel a little trance. He faintly felt that another moment had come when he faced a major decision in life. He just sent his girlfriend back to the dormitory, and then came to this fairly secluded place alone, just to calm down and think about it.

The school he attended is not a top university, but he studied computer science, which is currently popular, so it is not a problem to find a subsistence job. In fact, he now has two offers in his hands.

An offer came from a well-known Internet company. The job offered to him is also a programming job he prefers. It just requires him to leave Beijing where he is currently located and go south to Shenzhen. Xiaobai is a northerner. He is worried that he will be unaccustomed to the living habits of the South, and more importantly, his girlfriend will definitely not go with him in the short term. He has repeatedly discussed this issue with his girlfriend. Although he will not break up, he may fall into the terrible situation of a long-distance relationship. And a feeling in a different place is often more ill-fortune.

Another offer came from a research institute within the system in Beijing. He originally felt that he was young and would not like the step-by-step work in the system. However, his family strongly persuaded him to accept the job, on the grounds that the job is stable and welfare is guaranteed. And his offer is indeed not easy to come by. If it weren't for his second uncle's cousin's iron buddies to say hello to the acquaintances inside, he might not even be able to enter this research institute even one in ten thousand.

Xiaobai was thinking about it. When it was difficult to make a decision, he suddenly heard a strange laugh from someone nearby: "Hahaha, I finally made it!" Next to Dr. Frankenstein s laboratory.

Curiosity drove him to the door of the doctor's laboratory. He found that the doctor was holding a device similar to an air conditioner remote control in his hand, and he was smiling. The doctor found Xiao Bai and called him in, and handed him something like a remote control. "Boy, this is my newly developed device. I'm thinking of doing an experiment. Do you want to try it?"

Xiaobai vaguely noticed a sinister smile from the corner of the doctor's mouth. But when he looked down and saw a line of small characters on the remote control, his heart suddenly blossomed. That line reads: "Multiverse Controller".

Xiaobai gently pressed the archive button, a faint blue light flashed, and "Archive-1" was created instantly. Then Xiaobai made his choice easily, and the universe timeline began to extend toward the branch he chose.

Xiaobai entered the research institute in Beijing and was responsible for maintaining the website and database in the IT technology department. Most of the development needs come from the department leader Wang.

Two years passed in a blink of an eye. Although the work is relatively boring, Xiaobai takes everything seriously, and Chief Wang is very satisfied with his work. He gradually won the trust of the leader and felt that the days of being promoted were just around the corner.

One day, Aunt Zhang in the communication room suddenly found Xiaobai, told him that Chief Wang's niece was interesting to him, and asked him if he would try to date her. Director Wang's niece also works in this research institute, but she is not in the same department with him. He usually has some business dealings with her. Xiao Bai thought to herself that the niece she led was mediocre and had a bad temper. She was really not an ideal life partner. And in the past two years, Xiaobai's relationship with his original girlfriend in college was also very stable, and he could not let her down. However, Chief Wang is a big leader. If he refutes his face, will he be put on shoes?

Xiaobai politely rejected Aunt Zhang's proposal, but he was also very worried. He secretly took out the "Multiverse Controller" given to him by Doctor Frankenstein, a faint blue light flashed, and the "Archive-1-1" was created instantly.

As expected, Chief Wang's attitude towards him has changed drastically since then, often accusing him of not doing the job in place. Two more years passed in a blink of an eye, and he watched that all his colleagues around him had been awarded the title of engineer or senior engineer, and he was the only one who could not be ranked. He and his girlfriend have also reached the age to discuss marriage, but they can't afford a house in Beijing, and with his current state, the hope of getting a house in the work unit is very slim. Under the pressure of reality, his girlfriend proposed to break up with him and fell into the arms of others.

Xiao Bai was extremely sad and angry. He took out the "Multiverse Controller" again, this time he pressed the recovery button. The dazzling red light flashed, and the timeline of the universe began to retreat until it reached the "Archive-1-1" position.

Aunt Zhang on the opposite side was waiting for his answer. This time he made a different choice.

Xiaobai's relationship with Chief Wang's niece was fairly smooth. And his own personal rating, job title evaluation, salary increase and other things have also been exceptionally smooth from then on. After his original girlfriend found out about it, she left sadly.

A year later, he married Director Wang's niece. However, life after marriage is very uneven. His wife finally showed her vulgar nature after marriage, and she often tanned him. She always used Chief Wang to suppress him, and even scolded him for eating soft food. This makes him feel that there is no dignity of a man.

Xiaobai couldn't bear it. He took out the "Multiverse Controller" again and pressed the restore button. The dazzling red light flashed, and the universe timeline instantly retreated to the position of "Archive-1-1".

He pressed the recovery button again. The dazzling red light flashed, and the cosmic timeline instantly retreated to the "Archive-1" position.

Xiaobai looked at Doctor Frankenstein with a frustrated face. The doctor gave a smirk, "There is also a 1-2 time branch here, which seems to be good, do you want to try this again?"

Xiaobai knew in his heart that the "1-2 time branch" mentioned by the doctor meant letting him accept the second job offer.

He went to Shenzhen. In this Internet company, he works hard, working overtime until late every day. The hard work paid off, and a year later, he was promoted to technical director. After another two years, he entered the middle management. His personal income has also quadrupled in a row in the past three years, and he bought his first house in Shenzhen.

However, the crisis also followed. Due to his busy work and living in two places, he and his girlfriend lacked opportunities to get along with each other, and finally this relationship was wiped out by time. The last two ended up breaking up. At the same time, he also found with frustration that it is very difficult to get promoted above the middle level in the company, and many important positions have been occupied by the company's veterans. In the foreseeable next five or six years, he is unlikely to have any major breakthroughs. He once again began to doubt his original choice, and even whether he was suitable for the business of technology development.

After drinking with a friend to reminisce about the old days, Xiaobai returned home, excited for a moment, took out the "multiverse controller" of Doctor Frankenstein, and shiveredly pressed the recovery button. The dazzling red light flashed, and the universe timeline once again retreated to the "Archive-1" position.

Xiaobai found himself back in the doctor's laboratory again. He looked up, tears had blurred his eyes. He saw that the joking smile on the doctor's face was gone, instead he let out a sigh of compassion.

Well, the story is over. Let's temporarily relieve our emotions and analyze a technical problem. In Xiaobai's multiverse, the timeline is organized in stacks. Generally speaking, pressing the archive button is equivalent to a push operation, and pressing the restore button is equivalent to a pop operation (pop). As a programmer, do you understand? (If you find a bug, please leave a message)

However, in our real world, the timeline is not a stack, but a one-dimensional linear. This means that once we make a choice, we cannot repent like the Xiaobai in the story.

Whether you are a student who has just graduated and is about to step into the society, or a veteran who has been in the programmer's business for several years but has encountered a rising bottleneck, you have to face the problem of re-selecting the future.

And a lot of anxiety in life, are derived from the fear of future uncertainty . Once you choose, you can't get it back.

Is our choice correct? We chose to be programmers, is this suitable for us? I would love to discuss with you.


For some people, before he/she leaves the campus, it is clear that they are not suitable for programmers. The reason is simple, just don't like it. There is no reason, just don't like it.

For example, many students who graduated from major classes have good academic performance in school, but they feel a headache as soon as they see the code. If something like this happens to you, don't be frustrated, it's not a bad situation. The sooner you discover your disadvantages, the better you can avoid entering the wrong business with a small cost.

A more common situation is that all interests are very general, and you don't know what you like or don't like, and don't know what you are good at or not good at. It is difficult to choose this way. If such a classmate chooses to become a programmer, it will probably happen that after working for two years, he finds that he is less and less suitable for this job. In many ways, he is different from what he had imagined. For example, I need to sit alone in front of the computer for a long time, especially when an unexpected situation occurs when debugging a program. I am puzzled and there is no one asking for help, and my heart will become more and more frustrated. For another example, every time a technical discussion, the surrounding technical experts are expressing their opinions, but he himself is increasingly unable to understand what they are talking about. Over the long term, I will become less and less confident and dare not express technical opinions in front of others. They don't get the approval of their colleagues around them, and they don't get the favor of the leader.

This situation is not too bad, at least the time cost of trial and error is not too high. What we need to do at this time is to transform as soon as possible.

The really bad situation is that those who have been in the programmer's business for more than five or six years still fail to find that they have this talent, and they have not been able to excel in the team. It is conceivable that at this time, if we re-transform, the pressure will be huge.

However, according to my personal guess, most practitioners engaged in programming work are likely to fall into such a dilemma and cannot break through. In any industry, only a few people can become elites. In the entire Internet and even the entire IT industry, it is this "majority" who works in various positions in obscurity, working hard to maintain a variety of businesses, and provide more people with the convenience of Internet services.

This is the norm for the entire society, or for a large company organization. But for the individual deep in it, it is a life tragedy!

What can we do to avoid this kind of tragedy from happening?


In many cases, if we don't spend time and energy trying to do something, we don't know whether we can do it well. The goal of career choice is to allow us to avoid unnecessary attempts, and it is best to choose the right one every time. These are two contradictory aspects of one thing, and the focus of the contradiction is that the time cost can only be paid once, and once it is paid, it cannot be recovered.

We don't have the "multiverse controller" mentioned in the previous story. What we all have to face is the only linear timeline. What should we do?

The only thing we can do is: once we choose, we go all out .

I often hear some technicians say that my future ambition is to do management, so there is no need to delve into some particularly deep technical details. And I don t know when it started. There is a popular saying in the programmer s workplace that one cannot do technology anymore when the age of technology is old, and it must be transferred to management. Even many graduates think this way, treating their first programming job as just a transition. We don't care whether this statement is correct or not, let's just analyze the negative effects that this trend of thought will bring to us.

First of all, it may make you feel at ease, unable to focus on the task at hand. Over time, it may give you the illusion that you are always unable to reach the bottom of the technology, and you feel that you are not suitable for technology.

Secondly, if you are not doing your best in one thing, how can you get the confidence to do the next thing well? You know, the skills of doing everything are interlinked, and the experience of success is more important than the experience of failure.

So, no matter what your future vision is, you should go all out for current things. Even if you plan to travel the entire universe, can you start by studying the engine?

Well, I have tried my best. I have worked very hard, but I still feel that I can't catch up with the technical experts around me. How to do?

At this time, there is no need to do a horizontal comparison, the surrounding technical experts may be much longer than you have accumulated. Moreover, not everyone can become Dennis M. Ritchie, nor can anyone become Jeff Dean. I'm afraid the technical experts around you can't.

At this time, you need to consider from the perspective of myself: am I improving every day, better than yesterday's self? Is there any possibility for me to break through? If not, then my time resources are fixed. Where can I put it to maximize its value? For example, if I change my career to design products, can I become an outstanding product manager? For example, if I change my career to do sales, am I willing to deal with people of different personalities every day? If I just start my own business, do I have firm ideas, drive to move forward, and sufficient resistance to pressure? If I plan to change my career to become a writer, can I write amazing works?

When you have firm answers to these questions, maybe you can make your choice.


In the previous story of Xiaobai, Xiaobai's mistake is that he always thinks that there is a doctor's controller to support him, so he chooses too lightly and gives up too lightly.

Everyone has the freedom of choice.

The choice is also irrelevant.

In the real world, we cannot really compare the results of two different choices.

However, we must learn to be responsible for the consequences of any choice.

In fact, Xiaobai's story has an end.

After sighing, the doctor muttered to himself, "It seems that this is a harmful thing after all." After speaking, he took a hammer and smashed the "Multiverse Controller".

Xiaobai chose to stay in Beijing and stayed with his girlfriend. This time he made up his mind that no matter what happened, he would stick to this relationship. He first found a technical job in Beijing. The salary is not too high, but he can learn new things every day and he can spend more time with his girlfriend.

Two years later, Xiaobai resigned and started a business with his girlfriend. After years of hard work, although the company went through various difficulties and the company they founded almost closed down, they finally persevered. Finally, the scale of their business grew bigger and bigger, they made more and more money, and they also bought real estate in Beijing.

A few years later, Xiaobai sold the company and turned into a billionaire. Then, with his wife, he embarked on a happy journey to explore the fairyland waterfall.


Postscript :

When I first decided to write an article about programmer career choices, I didn't want to write it like this. But when it came time to compile that story, it suddenly became a bit uncontrollable. As a result, I deleted a large section of the original written text, and it became this somewhat weird article. Although the story is somewhat nonsensical, it is discussing a serious issue of choice and responsibility.

If you have any thoughts while reading, please remember to leave a message ^-^