The programmers angrily criticized the supporters behind 996, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun were speechless!

The programmers angrily criticized the supporters behind 996, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun were speechless!

As the biggest victim of 996, programmers have been particularly active in the past few days. One programmer shared his views in the community, which was well-founded and aroused the resonance and heated discussion among many colleagues.

I found that there are only two types of people who support 996. The first type is the boss, because they get huge economic benefits from employees overtime work on 996, and they only represent themselves. The second type of people are those who have little history study and low income. They are eager for the high wages of 996, but they cannot enter the high-paying positions on the Internet. They do not understand the real work intensity of 996, the 12-hour Internet work and site relocation. Brick 12-hour work is essentially different, complexity and pressure are different. The second kind of people support 996 but didn t want to understand a truth. There is a tiptoe effect. When everyone in the movie theater stands up to watch the screen, the people in the back row have to work harder to see the movie, so the movie theater has it. Let everyone sit down and watch the rules of order for the movie.

The labor law is to ensure that everyone sits down, otherwise everyone will stand up and watch the movie, and everyone will not be able to see the movie. Today there is 996, and in the future there will be 8116 proposed by Liu Qiangdong. When everyone defaults to 996, there will be no high salary, because there will always be someone alive who is willing to accept a lower salary than you. After a long time, the final loss is Who is the boss?

Friends and netizens added a third type of people who support 996: There is also a third type of people who come from other industries other than the Internet, finance, and real estate. Although they have also received higher education, due to industry differences, they are in the same 996. Under the circumstances, the income is much lower than the Internet. These people have only two words to comment on those who oppose 996, "hypocritical". If the 996 resistance fails, congratulations, you will soon leave 996 and enter 9116. Learning materials sharing exchange weixin: Tt-52057

The following are the comments of some other netizens: The second kind of person is very thorough. I am the third kind of person. The premise is to mobilize my enthusiasm. I am also a person who wants to fight, but I am not stupid; there is also you. The result of the struggle is not your success, but your boss's success. Therefore, the contributions of the lower-level employees cannot be fed back to themselves, but to make wedding dresses for others. In this case, how can someone willingly sacrifice their personal life and overdraft? To fight for good health?